Gig List

Where we are playing and when


17th Jun 2020

School Prom, Sittingbourne

25th Jun 2020

Wedding in Canterbury

27th Jun 2020

Party in the Park 2020

We're excited and proud to let you know that we will be closing the show at Party In The Park 2020 o...

23rd Jul 2020

Wedding, Harty Ferry

Aug 2020
01st Aug 2020

Wedding, Westminster

08th Aug 2020

Private Event, Upchurch

Sep 2020
05th Sep 2020

Private Event

12th Sep 2020

18th Birthday Party, Rainham

19th Sep 2020

Wedding, Barnet

10th Oct 2020

Birthday party in Sittingbourne

17th Oct 2020

Private event

28th Nov 2020

Birthday party in Maidstone

12th Dec 2020

40th Birthday Party, Minster

Feb 2021
20th Feb 2021

Wedding, Sittingbourne

Apr 2021
03rd Apr 2021

Wedding, Upchurch

May 2021
22nd May 2021

Wedding Anniversary, West Malling

Jun 2021
26th Jun 2021

Wedding, Upchurch